Małgorzata Pawłowska



Assistant at the Department of Theory and Interpretation of the Musical Work of the Academy of Music in Kraków. Lecturer in many different fields: Music History, Musical Analysis, Music Literature and Ear Training. PhD student of Music Theory.

Pawłowska graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków, she has spent part of her M.A. studies at the Royal Conservatoire in Brussels. She was awarded with at the 15th National biennial MA Theses Competition for the Graduates of Music Academies for her MA thesis The Devil in 19th- and 20th-century Music on a basis of selected works written under the supervision of Professor Mieczysław Tomaszewski (2006). She was also awarded with a number of scholarships for her achievements, such as the Scholarship of the Krakow City for the best MA and PhD students.

Pawłowska has participated in conferences on music and semiotics (e.g. Helsinki, Imatra, Sozopol) and has already published her first serious papers, delivers speeches at concerts and writes programme notes.

She currently writes her PhD thesis on The Romeo and Juliet Myth in Music from the Perspective of Narratology under Professor Mieczysław Tomaszewski.

She has also completed postgraduate studies in Culture Management in the European Context (at the Academy of Music in Kraków) and has been very active in organising international artistic and scientific events.