Sergei Stepanov



I , Stepanov Sergei Michailovich , was born on 1960 in Karelia Autonomous Republic.This is between Finland and Russia. I was educated at Grammar School and Musical School at the same time. In 1975 I entered and in 1979 finished the complete course of Krivoy Rog State Musical College by speciality of accordion. After graduation I began to work as a teacher of music on accordion class, piano class and as a conductor of the orchestra of popular instruments. I was educated as a student of short courses of Engineering Institute and Medical Academy. On the basis of acquired experience together with pediatrician Kolesnik V. D. the children Project ” Reflection ” was elaborated. Joint Inventive Activity was proved with Author’s license in the Ukraine. At present I am working on creation of digital school-books on music teaching of children both preschool period ( 5-7 years old ) and early school period ( 7-9 years old ) .We consider the children would benefit by further study .